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Since 2001, Our Feature Set and Road Map have Always Been Driven by Our Passionate and Experienced Customer Base of Email Marketers.  If Our Solution Lacks a Feature You Need…We’ll Quickly Build It.

List Management

List Creation

25 Standard Data Fields

with the ability to create an unlimited number of mappable custom data fields

List Import

Web | FTP | API | Live Feed

Append | Update | Delete

Full De-Duplication capabilities

List Segmentation

Allows for highly complicated boolean segmentation that may be saved for future list searches or sending campaigns

Proof Lists

Pre-Send your campaign to your custom

multi-recipient testers for review or any necessary approvals

Suppression Lists

Import your suppression lists / files from advertisers or your database.  Create new lists based on recipient bounces or UnSubs, or use our proprietary 6MM+ suppression file

List Status

Easily view the current valid counts of your lists to track growth or churn. Ability to unsubscribe addresses from a specific list or entire account.

Reporting / Tracking

Real Time Reports

Summary | Detail | Domain Level

Engagement | Delivery

always current, viewable, and downloadable

Scheduled / Automated

Automatically have reports delivered to your inbox after the completion of your campaigns

Delivery Reports

Full Log details available by campaign

Providing full delivery details

and all bounce messages

Advanced Reporting

Domain Level | Aggregated | Campaign Comparison | Message Overlay

PureTest (A/B Testing)

Custom Reporting

We’ll customize most any report to fit your requirements…just ask.


Open and Click tracking

Browser | Devise | Screen

Geo-tracking of recipient IP

Campaign Mgmt.

Campaign Automation

Automate your recurring campaigns or clone a recent campaign to speed up your workflow

Message Track

Serial Programmed Mailings

Welcome Message | Auto Responder


Ability to review up to 25 segments.

with ability to adjust

Subject  |  Message  |  From Address

Rules / Events

Create custom automated rules based on recipient engagement

Clicks | Opens | Unsubs

Segmented Mailstream

Send different mail streams

Transactional | Marketing |3rd Party

from separate dedicated mailing clusters (IPs)

Throttle Capabilities

Enhance deliverability results by controlling how quickly / slowly your mail is delivered

to each TLD (Yahoo, Google, etc.)

New Feature

Audience Behavior Reporting (ABR)

Puresend is proud to launch this data intensive reporting feature that allows you to easily determine who your most active engagers are.

What makes ABR unique and more powerful than anything offered by our competitors is that you have the ability to run this report on campaigns going back as far as a YEAR.

Customizing your attributes allows for incredibly specific filters. Want to know those members of your audience who opened at least 20% of the mail they received, while at the same time clicking at least 10% of this mail…not a problem. Want to tighten the results by only including those recipients that have only been a part of your list for the past 3 months…done.

It does not end there!!! Once your custom report is complete, we’ll even report back the specific campaign information. Now you have the full picture: Who is Engaging | What They are Engaging | When they are Engaging

Campaign Selection

  • Determine which campaigns you want to include in your analysis based upon:
  • Campaign Completion Date or Date Range (eg. all campaigns completed last month)
  • Subject Line
  • Email List Name

Recipient Criteria (Select up to 2)

  • Open | Click | Delivered |Bounce
  • Browser Type

Additional Filter Options

  • Additional Filter Options
  • List Data Field – include or exclude based on any data fields within your Email Lists…such as State, Sex, or Income (any field within your list)
  • Email Address Import Date – Decide to include new, old, or all your email addresses

Advanced Results

  • Decide what output fields you would like to view. View them all or specify just what you are in need of. All results are packaged within a .CSV file, to allow for easy data manipulation and cooridnation with your proprietary CRM tools.
  • Email Address List ID
  • Subject
  • Campaign Name
  • Message Name
  • ClickThru URL (if applicable)


  • Hit Music News, Inc.(HMNI) has been emailing daily newsletters and one off sponsored Album Reviews to its 400,000 email list for the past 9 months.
  • A new sponsor has approached HMNI with a very lucrative new opportunity to run a Lead Generation Offer email, which would include a 50% off coupon to a big summer music festival once the recipient completed a survey. The goal is to have as high an engagement as possible, but no more than 50,000 emails may be sent with the coupon offer.
  • HMNI created a new ABR to capture all campaigns run for the past 6 months
  • It then filtered for all those recipients that opened at least 50% of the email they received and clicked at least 305 of the email they received.
  • The results were 90,000 email addresses. Although HMNI was happy about this number, they were hoping to get more granular and likely a smaller result.
  • With Puresend’s ABR Advanced data, they were able to filter the results one more time by only including those campaigns that had a subject line that mentioned music festivals.The results were now 47,500 email addresses..
  • It took less than 10 minutes from beginning to end to run the ABR and determine those 47,000 email addresses
  • The campaign was a huge success. 26,000 of the 47,000 email addresses responded to and completed the survey request
  • Audience Behavior Reporting’s combination of historical data, highly usable query capabilities, and high demand compute power make ABR an indispensable tool for any sophisticated email marketers.

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