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Puresend Releases Purecast 9.10

Puresend Releases Purecast 9.10

November 25, 2019
Puresend announces the release of Purecast 9.10 Purecast, our flagship email sending and reporting application,which has been continuously enhanced and fine tuned since its original launch in 2001.


In addition to addressing many bugs and making numerous general improvements to our code base, this release incorporates the following new features:


  • Integration with Bee Editor  (
  • Purecast users will now have the ability to quickly create gorgeous, responsive emails in minutes via Bee’s powerful and well known drag and drop editor.
  • Start creating by choosing from 20 pre-existing templates
  • All messages created with the integrated Bee Editor will still be able to include personalized fields from your lists, image hosting, and post processing services to include masking and open/click tracking.
  • New global search functionality
  • From any page within Purecast, users may now search for any Job, List, Message, or Folder.
  • One click job creation from blocked/bounced emails.
  • By clicking an icon next to the Block/Bounce Email count listed on a Standard Job Report, a new Job (saved as a draft) will automatically create.  This will allow a more streamlined process to allow one to send Blocked/Bounced emails from a different cluster.
  • Improved notification process related to List Validations via Email Oversight

• New Rule Events based on “Delivered Email” and “Promoted Bounces”