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Puresend Releases Purecast 9.14

Puresend Releases Purecast 9.14

October 11, 2020

Puresend announces the release of Purecast 9.14. Purecast is our flagship email sending and reporting application, served to our customers as a cloud based subscription. Purecast has been continuously enhanced and fine tuned since its original launch in 2001.

In addition to addressing many bugs and making numerous general improvements to our code base and user interface, our latest release incorporates the following exciting new features and enhancements:

  • Ability to easily download underlying data for “Summary by Devise” graphical reporting, found at the bottom of Standard Job Reports
  • The inclusion of a Delivery Time Stamp data field to Confirmed Open reports. This will provide an additional data point to detect bots or security software that may be automatically opening emails
  • Ability to store and move Rules into Folders
  • Ability to create and save Jobs directly into Folders
  • When requesting a Domain Level Report, you will now have the ability to set the number of Domains to query. This is helpful for B2B and General Internet domains
  • Improvements to our Inbox / Content Analysis Reports, powered by Glock Apps