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Puresend Releases Purecast 9.17

Puresend Releases Purecast 9.17

March 8, 2021

Puresend announces the release of Purecast 9.17.  Purecast is our flagship email sending and reporting application, served to our customers as a cloud based subscription. Purecast has been continuously enhanced and fine tuned since its original launch in 2001.

In addition to addressing many bugs and making numerous general improvements to our code base and user interface, this release incorporates the following exciting new features and enhancements:

  • Improvements to many facets of the Purecast User Interface:
    • Enhanced the ease of searching for a single Job within the Reporting Menu
    • Included additional templates to assist with the initial Message creation process
    • Specific folder location is now included when Viewing a Job…allowing for quick access to a Job in specific its Folder or Sub Folder
    • Enhanced Layout and look of Top Menu Navigation (including mobile devices)
  • Ability to relay deployments initiated via Purecast thru Puresend’s Amazon SES account. Contact Tech Support for timing and qualification criteria.
  • Enhancements to Rules section, including the ability to replicate and edit existing rules