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Puresend Releases Purecast 9.23

Puresend Releases Purecast 9.23

December 30, 2022

Puresend announces the release of Purecast 9.23. Purecast is our flagship email sending and reporting application, served to our customers as a cloud based subscription. Purecast has been continuously enhanced and fine tuned since its original launch in 2001.In addition to addressing many bugs and making numerous general improvements to our code base and user interface, this release (including numerous point releases completed during 2022) incorporates the following exciting new features and enhancements:

  • All new Job Creation and Job Confirmation pages. These enhanced pages are better organized, cleaner, and provide more information related to your jobs.
  • New Job Reporting feature to display Pre-Fetch / Proxy Opens (“Pre Fetch”) for Gmail and Apple devices. As you may have heard, Apple and Gmail are artificially inflating open rates by triggering an Open prior to an actual recipient truly opens an email. We have broken out the respective User Agents for these “Pre-Fetch” opens and have displayed them in a separate area within our Standard Job Report.
  • Enhancements to Dashboard page, where a user will now be taken to the Job View page when clicking on Job ID within Dashboard, as opposed to Job Report. This will allow for easier direct commands related to that job, like replication or pausing.
  • Improvements to backend schema to speed up processing of resource intensive domain level reports.
  • Ability to run Message Track Reports in the background, with delivery via email upon completion.
  • We have revised the backend of our Knowledge Management documentation for Purecas. You may access this new section via the Help button after you login to Purecast or you may access at
  • One-Click Unsubscribe functionality.
  • New Report: Non Active Domain Report…allows a user to compile jobs from one or more clusters and receive an output file of delivery percentage by recipient domain.
  • Suppress Prior Job Delivery: When creating a new job, a user now has the ability to suppress just these names that delivered from a prior job. If a prior job was not completed or had blocks, only these names would be queued for sending.
  • Enhancements to the look and feel of the Standard Job Report
  • Enhancements to the look and feel of List Menu pages
  • Inclusion of Header based priority sending queues
  • Addition of new premium relay sending partner:

Lastly, Puresend has completely transitioned its underlying Mail Transfer Agent (“MTA”) software from MesseBird’s Momentum to Power MTA product. This transition took the better part of 2022, as we redesigned our entire infrastructure so as to take full advantage of this best in class MTA software.